Fred & Red Go Back to Colorful Colorado

We find ourselves spending more and more time in COLORFUL Colorado! The weather is always changing, but with the incredible blue sky days, there’s never a bad day to be had in Colorado!

A few weeks ago, I jumped on a plane in Chicago and headed to Denver to meet Fred in Tube Sock. He was traveling with the Cummins team to test out the all-new R2.8 Turbo Diesel Engine.

After a few days of engine testing, we headed to Ouray for the 30th Annual Ouray Jeep Jamboree. We have been talking about going to this Jeep Jamboree for years! We are so glad that the timing worked out, and we were able to make it happen!

The Aspen trees were magnificent! We loved seeing the leaves glitter as we made our way up to Imogene Pass. Before Fred and I went on the Jamboree, Pearse Umlauf told us that Ouray was Mark Smith’s (founder of Jeep Jamboree USA) second favorite Jamboree, as we all know he had a special place in his heart for the Rubicon Trail. Fred and I love going on the Jeep Jamboree trips! There are always amazing people on the trip, the food is always fantastic, and the trips are always very well organized!


After the Jamboree, Fred and I headed to Glenwood Springs. It’s funny that travels keep bringing us back to that area! The town is undergoing major construction right now as they are building a new bridge. When it is finished, it will be awesome! Traffic will flow better, and there will be easier access points to highway I-70.

I really wanted to take him to the iconic Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. It was built in 1888, and is still the largest hot springs pool in the world.  There are fifteen different mineral properties in the water that benefit the body.  The  Mayo Brothers even came to The Glenwood Hot Springs pool to study the healing properties of the springs before they opened the Mayo Clinics. We spent the morning relaxing in the springs before we headed back to California.

As Fred loves the warm temperatures, he really enjoyed the therapy pool, which is like a big hot tub. I tend to enjoy cooler temperatures, so I really liked the “big” pool, which contains over one million gallons of water. Towels and lockers cost extra, but the showers are complimentary, and they are stocked with shampoo and conditioner. We brought our own towels, and left them on our pool chairs as we soaked in the water. We love the nostalgia at The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, it’s like a step back in time! It’s modern, but retains its old world heritage!  The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is open year round, and even open into the night.

If you’re ever in the Glenwood Springs area, be sure to check out of Glenwood Hot Springs Pool!

Until next time,

We’ll see you out there!

Fred & Red


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