Fred & Red’s Adventures: Attending A Summer Wedding

Life is a party, don’t be afraid to dress for it!


When Fred and I planned out our outfits for a recent Summer Wedding we
attended, we had a few ideas that we wanted to incorporate, so we
thought we’d share them with you!
Fred: (envisioned a James Bond look)
Ashley: (loves flat shoes, hats, fascinators, and bright colors)

Cowboy Theme Night:

Fred was really excited about this one!  He loves a good pair of
cowboy boots!  I picked out Horse Power by Anderson Bean.  Fred’s were
Blue Leather Cowboy Boots Bullfrog.  They are in a beautiful chestnut
brown  color leather.  The top of his boots are really pretty with a
blue top.  He typically wears a size 10, but the boots that arrived
were a 10.5, and they ended up fitting him perfectly!
He wanted to wear black jeans, and he let me pick out his shirt.
(Luckily he ironed both of them).  Both of the options he gave me had
pearl buttons.  I picked out his denim shirt, which complemented his
boots nicely.
As I love bright colors, I chose Macie Bean Lefty’s Pancho Boots. I
wear a 9.5, and love how these boots fit in my true size. I also
picked out the Colusa Dress by Trina Turk which I wore with one of my
favorite blue jasper necklaces.
Best of CO 10 Macie Bean Boots

My Macie Bean Boots!

Wedding Day:

Fred was channeling his inner James Bond.  With the amount of
traveling he does, he doesn’t always have time to run around to find
the perfect outfit.  I found Stitch & Tie by Friar Tux Shop online and
it looked like the perfect fit for our upcoming event.
You start by:
1.)    Entering your event date (no later than 14 days before your event)
2.)    Selecting your preferred tux style (I picked out the Black Michael
Kors Notch Lapel Tuxedo)
3.)    Create a login with email and password
4.)    Enter measurements online, (height, weight, preferred fit (slim,
regular, roomier) pants size, shirt size, jacket size, shoe size)
5.)    Enter address and payment info
The Stitch & Tie box arrived to his house and everything was included
in the box!  (Coat, Pants, Shirt, Cuff Links, Vest, Bow Tie, Shoes,
Socks, and Pocket Square.)  The bow tie was even tied! Fred was so
impressed that all he needed was a white shirt and underwear!  Which
was my goal, because I wanted to make the experience as stress-free as
possible for him!
The Stitch & Tie fit guarantees that replacement pieces will be
shipped for free as long as you contact Stitch & Tie within 48 hours of
receiving your order.  Luckily everything fit him perfectly and he
looked absolutely stunning!  Everyone was so impressed with his
After the event, we followed the “Returning Your Order” 4 Easy Step
instructions, which were written so well!
1.)    Check pockets and remove all personal belongings.
2.)    Put garments back on their hangers and place the shoes at the
bottom of the garment bag.
3.)    Fold the garment bag in thirds and make sure the hangers are in
middle of the fold.  Slide the folded bag into the shipping bag.
Remove the mylar strip and seal the shipping bag.
4.)    Drop off the package with UPS no later than 48 hours after use.
The bag has a prepaid UPS shipping label.
We were more than impressed with the great customer service and the
ease of the process.  We were both a little nervous that he was going
to need to hem the pants, or something wouldn’t fit right, but
everything was perfect!
When I think of a summer wedding, I think of bright and fun!  Flowers
and fascinators!  Brittany and I went through her closet and she
picked out one of her beautiful Eliza J. floral dresses.  It was the
perfect color for my pink fascinator!  I wore my beige Cole Haan
shoes.  They are so comfortable and ready for everything.

Best of CO 91 Vail

Sunday Brunch:

I am such a fan of Trina Turk!  Her patterns are bold, bright, and
always fun!  I was so excited when I looked at the Mr. Turk suits.  We
picked out the Thurston Blazer in a navy paisley pattern!  I love the
quality of the Trina Turk products and how well they fit.  I think the
Mr. Turk jacket was a perfect touch with a white shirt.
I wanted a bold and bright color that complimented Fred’s Mr. Turk
jacket.  I picked out Brit’s coral colored Theory dresses.  After we
decided we were driving, I thought I would take another fascinator.  I
picked out an aqua one that I packed in bubble wrap.  Lately I’m on
the hunt for a nice hat box!
 Best of CO 47 Vail
We hope we inspired you and made your search for the perfect
outfit fun and stress-free!  Remember, life is a party, don’t be
afraid to dress for it!
Special thanks to Stitch & Tie,  Trina Turk and Mr. Turk for collaborating with us on this project!