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5 Musts For Dressing for a Summer Wedding

The dress code for wedding season has led us to many late nights trolling Pinterest. Often times the description for guest’s attire can be vague on the invitation, however, if you follow a few simple rules your look remain timeless and appropriate.

Best of CO 45 Vail Fred

Fred’s one and only request was that he be dressed like James Bond. In a tuxedo, one is always pretty and polished.


  1. Tux, a must!
  2. Read the dress code.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes.
  4. Go with the bow tie.
  5. A sports coat is your best accessory


  1. Don’t wear black
  2. Wear comfortable shoes
  3. Bring a wrap or a light sweater
  4. If you have a hat or fascinator, wear it!
  5. Remember to be classy

Best of CO 51 Vail

Get a Tux (don’t be afraid of overdressing).  You will look

marvelous! [clickToTweet tweet=”We rented a tux from Stitch & Tie by Friar Tux Shop. Wear your underwear, everything else is included! Even socks!” quote=”We rented a tux from Stitch & Tie by Friar Tux Shop. Wear your underwear, everything else is included! Even socks!”]
Read the dress code. If there are themed events in conjunction
with the wedding, (like a Western theme in our case) make sure you know
that in advance so you can plan ahead!
Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t be afraid to let your
personality shine!  Classic black shoes came with our Stitch & Tie by Friar Tux Shop
tuxedo rental, and I think they looked great.  If you’d like to spice
things up, wear a fun pair of smoker’s shoes.
Wear a bow tie!  They look great and there are so many fun options
to accessorize with!  Luckily our rental came with a tied bow tie, but
if you don’t know how to tie one, there are great “how to” videos
Always bring a suit coat with you. Even if you don’t plan to wear
it, it’s better to be prepared then feel like you are under dressed
for brunch and other wedding events.

Best of CO 99 Vail

Don’t wear black!  I know black always comes to mind when thinking
of a formal event, but it’s a wedding, not a funeral!  Be bright and
fun!  A brightly colored classy cocktail dress is perfect for a summer
Wear comfortable shoes!  There’s nothing worse than walking around
barefoot because your high heels were not comfortable.  If you wear
high heels, bring a clutch/purse that’s big enough for a pair of
flats.  When you take off your heels, you can magically store them in
your purse! Ta-da!!
 Make sure you bring a wrap or a light sweater.  Destination
weddings typically have a portion of the evening that is outside.
If you have a hat or fascinator, wear it!  Remember, a wedding is
a party!  It’s your time to bring out your fun party accessories!
Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing.  Remember to be
classy, rather than letting everything hang out!




Special thanks to Stitch & Tie & Mr. Turk for their support of our summer wedding musts!