Why Moab means so much to us:
Moab is a very special kind of place for us! Collectively, Brittany
and I like to think that it always signifies a change or growth, sort
of like Spring cleaning!
There was that year when someone encouraged us to buy a JK…
There was that year when someone told us about the series of the blood
red moons…
Then there was that year that we met Fred Williams!
And then there was that year that we left our day jobs and launched
But before all of that…there’s a great story!
The first year (2011) I went to Moab, I had two goals! One was to
experience the incredible red rocks and the second was to meet Head of
Jeep Design, Mark Allen. I had heard that the Jeep engineers and
designers would take their concept Jeeps out and actually take them
off-road on the fabulous red rocks!
Earlier that year, (in 2010) I had seen a video of Mark Allen, talking
about the “Easter Eggs” that were strategically part of the new WK
(the all-new 2011 Grand Cherokee)! He was a real Jeep enthusiast! He
was so excited and enthusiastic and passionate about the craftsmanship
and elements of design in the new Grand Cherokee, I just had to meet
It was that year (2011) in Moab, I had felt like I was backstage at
the Dave Matthews Band Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, only I
wasn’t able to see the concert.
I had asked almost every single person I met in the Walker Drug
parking lot if I could just ride with them on a trail. I had to get
out of the parking lot of Walker Drug and see the red rocks! My
co-worker told me to “cool it” as he had been there 5 years in a row,
and he never got to go on the trails.
Something just didn’t feel right about being in Moab and not being
able to set foot on a trail. I would drop off my co-workers at the
Walker Drug parking lot before my shift just hoping that I would get a
chance to jump in with someone and hit the trails.
It was that same year that Mark Allen introduced me to Tom Haberkamp,
and I met the fun and exciting Tony Carvallo! I even got to ride
along and hit the trails three times!
Fast forward a few years later, I met the incredible Fred Williams!
We ran Porcupine Rim (at night, as Brittany and I still worked during
the day in the Walker Drug parking lot as Jeep Product Specialists)
and the wheel had fallen off of Fred’s white TJ nicknamed “Tube Sock.”
I had never meet someone so calm, patient, and nice! Fred would help
me with the very complicated seatbelt every single time, and he didn’t
fret when the group left us and the wheel fell off! He’s one cool
Well, fast forward three years, and Brittany and I led The Jeep Girls
First Official Ladies Run along with our third annual Hike to Delicate
We are extremely excited to be sharing our adventure with you, as
we’ve taken a lot of risks to be where we are today! None of this
would have been possible with our friends and sponsors that have
encouraged us to think outside the box, work harder, and ultimately be
the best we can be!

This year we teamed up with Hercules Tires on the ultimate #RoadToMoab
We put the new Hercules Terra Trac AT II’s on Commander White. We
upgraded from a highway tire to an all-terrain tire. I like to say
it’s like getting new gym shoes! New tires are the best! The
Commander handles better and more precise!
However, before we set off on our #RoadToMoab, we stopped by Tempe
Dodge, our local Chrysler Jeep dealership to get our Commander checked
out. As professional road trippers and members of the High Mileage
Club, we wanted to make sure everything was up to snuff. We love
visiting Tempe Dodge, our local dealership, as they keep our high
mileage Jeeps running well! They’re customer service is the best and
these guys take ownership over their work! The best part is they are
very nice, they only use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts,
and all of their work is guaranteed.

Here’s a list of some of the things we got serviced:
-Oil Change (good to do every 3,000 miles)
-Tune Up (new spark plugs)
-tri combo service (three process cleaning of throttle body, intake
manifold, and additive into the fuel tank)
-New Water Pump (we had a little crack, best to replace it)
-Thermostat and upper and lower hoses and drive belt (since these
parts are removed during water pump repair)
-Alignment (important as we just got new tires)
-New Battery (in AZ, batteries only last about 2 years)
-New Front Struts (one was leaking, so we replaced them)
-K Flush (if you’re part of the high milers club, 100,000+ be sure to
change your fluids, such as transmission fluid, engine coolant, power
steering fluid, brake fluid)
Before we packed up Commander White, I grabbed all of my favorite
things. (I’m so glad that we brought the biggest Jeep there is!)
-Hats (You can never have enough hats in Moab! The sun is very intense)
-Snacks (Trail snacks are essential! Especially non-perishables) We
brought plenty of Jack Link’s Jerky, Boulder Canyon Chips, and
Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter Squeeze Packs and Hazelnut Snack Packs)
-Liquids (We love our sparkling water! LaCroix is the best! We also
brought lots of FRED Water, these flask like bottles will fit in
almost every pocket)

For more of our “road-trip favorite items”

As soon as we started our drive and I tracked our mileage, we averaged
19 MPG on our trip! We use to get 14-16 MPG. With the new tires, the
K flush and the tune up, we are really impressed with our improved
fuel economy!
Our first stop was for gas in Flagstaff at the Little America Hotel.
After we pulled over to eat a sandwich we realized we had pulled next
to a Hercules Tire sign. We couldn’t believe it! We laughed and
instantly jumped out to take photos. Jose even jumped out of his
truck to get a photo with us!
We took that as a sign that our week was going to turn out better than
expected! We arrived into Moab late into the evening, but knew that
our week was going to be magical