Online Shopping at a Bargain with thredUP


Winter marks the time of the year for themed parties and of course, the need to purchase gifts for the office and family. It can be tough to hunt for a specific item with a theme in mind, and secondly on a budget. Recently we discovered a consignment-based online shopping source, thredUp. We have the blogging community to thank for this find, yet admittedly we’re passive online purchasers. Though The Jeep Girls is a space that lives online, we shine best in real life (IRL), where we can touch feel and interact with people, places, and things.

We decided to give this tidy resource a try, and you can read our first-hand experience below!

thredUP is for vintage-loving prepsters.

thredUP resells items that are gently worn at a discount claiming to be up to 90% off. We noticed that some items are separates from recent collections, such as the J. Crew summer, travel-themed shirt. Others are a bit older, like vintage Lilly Pulitzer. Most of what you will find are items that are guaranteed to appeal to some buyer, though that buyer may not be you. If you are a collector, you’ll understand this idea.

The first thing we did was give the website a through peruse. The search menu is much like the big-box brand online websites. You can search by subject i.e.-skirt, brand like J. Crew, pretty basic.

We noticed that a lot of our favorite clothing providers; J. Crew, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer, Merona. There are others as well, though not in vast quantities- Milly, Nanette Lepore, Trina Turk.

The prices vary greatly upon the condition of the goods, though the images provided are clean, almost stock imagery of the item on a mannequin form. It is impossible to decipher the actual wear or whether the garment had been altered. The advantage of the thumbnails showing the coat, dress, or skirt etc. on a form is that the interface is consistent and professional, which allowed me to trust that I wouldn’t be sending my money to an Internet scam with no return.



Buying Clothing For The Holidays Should Be Low Risk And Affordable, thredUP Makes That Possible.


We sat on the actual purchase for a few days. This is the major difference about shopping online of us-the commitment. When we’re thrifting IRL, we go on like we’re hunting big game animals. We bring our attention and our willingness to pull the trigger.

For example, with shoes, anything fondly referred to by the following names: Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, Valentino, Manolo Blahnik, Dior, Louboutin (all of which I have found while hunting), we go for the kill. If you’re hunting rare finds such as these, you can’t wait, they’ll move. So over the years, I have collected a shoe museum…

On thredUP, the same sense of urgency applies, though because we were virgin e-shoppers, we sat on our cart, wondering if we’d made the best decisions for our money. Our advice: you can’t think so hard; this is supposed to be fun!

We decided $50.00 would be a fair first-time investment. We valued this based on our average cost per bargain shopping experience. thredUP does not include free shipping (Unless you spend over $79), but they do provide a first-time order discount of 20%.

We purchased the following:

  • Crew Yellow Ikat Shirt- $15.99
  • Lilly Pulitzer Yellow Skirt With Suns-$8.99
  • J. Crew Travel Shirt-$17.99
  • Tahari Paisley Skirt-$7.99

Total: $50.96 (-20% WELCOME COUPON -$10.19) + Shipping = $49.70 

So far in the process, one of our favorite aspects of the online shopping experience on thredUP was how organized the cart was. It is much easier to view the items objectively rather than a buffet of unnecessary items like thrift stores can be. Secondly, and best (ly), we added items to our cart, and then removed them, and they were saved, with a thumbnail in a cache just in case we changed our mind. This feature, though may seem unimportant, is very encouraging of repeat purchases. There is no registration required to try it out, and we suggest you do, you’ll see how well organized the site is for yourself!


The items came in the cutest polka-dotted envelopes.

Our order came in two separate envelopes, two days apart from each other. We received email confirmations as to when the orders would arrive, and they were spot on!


Everything fit perfectly! We are always hesitant to make online purchases because we never know how the item will actually look and feel, and most importantly, how the item will fit. We picked out brands that we are familiar with, which made our experience stress free!

We love this cute sunshine Lilly Pulitzer printed skirt! (And it only cost $8.99!)

This Tahari skirt is such a find! It was only $7.99, and Brittany found the matching blazer for me out in Phoenix! Now I have the entire suit!

I love yellow! This J.Crew Ikat shirt is so fun to wear! Who doesn’t love to be bright and sunny?!

I love this print! I have the matching skirt, so naturally, when I saw that there was a matching shirt, I had to complete the entire J.Crew outfit! I love the off the shoulder look!

Just for fun…here’s the skirt with the matching top! Now I just need to find the matching scarf!


Everything was in “gently used condition”, which was stated in the description when we selected our items, so we weren’t surprised when the items came without their manufacturer tags. There are different categories that you can select from when you are shopping, (“New with Tags”, “Designer Brands”, “Sweaters from .99 cents”) however, just be sure to read the description about the item you select. There was a dress that I was looking at that stated that it was “Missing a minor accessory.” All in all, everything was in pretty good shape.



thredUP has a few different options that you can choose from. They will send you a bag, and you can donate your clothes and they will send you a tax receipt. You can order a FREE Clean Out Kit, fill it with gently used clothes that you no longer want, and they will do the rest! (They are looking for “on style” trendy clothes by top brands to be in excellent condition without stains, holes, or pilling).

You receive a payout once the items are processed or sold. The amount depends on the original price of the item, the brand, and the type of item.

If there are items that thredUP doesn’t accept, you can select “Return Assurance” when you order your Clean Out Kit.

WHY TRY thredUP?

If you are searching for a specific item to wear to a party, maybe something you’re going to wear just once, thredUP is a very affordable way to get what you want. Where even department stores can be hit-or-miss depending on where they are in their sales season, thredUP does not discriminate, the library of available options is based on what has been inventoried.

Our buyers beware is just one take-away. If you’re thinking like let’s say, a guy…”I need skirt,” you’ll find a lot to fill your needs. It’ll be a painless experience. If on the other hand, you are thinking like a bargain-shopping girl…”I am specifically looking for a black Pendelton wool blazer in size 6,” you may be discouraged.* By searching repeatedly we discovered duplicate items, seemingly exactly the same, though at different prices! Again, thredUP is for you if you want to have fun, for a low-cost investment. It’s like gambling on the quarter slots.

*Due to the nature of thredUP re-selling individual’s gently-used goods, on consignment, it is at the discretion of the site owner to price the goods accordingly. It is also up to you, as the buyer to decide whether the description provided is enough to pay more or less for the same item listed multiple times.

thredUP is a nicer curated version of Goodwill driven towards women who enjoy collecting clothing from boutique storefronts at the Mall. If you don’t need new, and you don’t need it now, and you like a bargain, thredUP is a lot of fun!

What are some other unique online shopping resources for apparel that you know of? Have you ever had a bad experience shopping virtually?

Let us know below!

Special thank you to thredUP for allowing us to experience “Secondhand clothes and Firsthand fun!”