3 Reasons Everyone (Yes, Everyone) Should See The Blue Man Group Once

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As part of our travel guide, The Jeep Girls evaluated Fabulous Las Vegas. The below information is a stand-alone review of the live show, The Blue Man Group at the Luxor Hotel & Casino. Our intention is to educate our readers on some of the entertainment in Las Vegas that we think fits into the life and style of our community. You can read more about our favorite Las Vegas suggestions in our Las Vegas overview.

About The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group, a performance art franchise out of New York City, has been captivating the attention of audiences regularly for an astounding 26 years. Currently, Blue Man Productions have blue men performing in six resident productions across the United States and Germany as well as both a North American and World Tour. It has also been a staple in Las Vega’s since the year 2000. Having performed in over 20 countries and entertained over 35 million people worldwide, our curiosity has had us asking, “what’s so special?” for some time.

If you haven’t seen the Blue Man Group, likely you know someone who has. Ticketmaster.com calls The Blue Man Group the second most popular show in Las Vegas. The word of mouth brings forth statements such as “it’s quirky” or “it’s hard to explain” so we did a bit of research followed by a “let’s see for ourselves” analysis. Truthfully, the whole evolution of performance is quite complex.

The Blue Man Group was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan among three friends, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton. In 1988, Wink and his friends planned a “Funeral for the ‘80’s;” a procession through Central Park led by men in blue. Kurt Loder, the former editor of The Rolling Stones, and then a correspondent for MTV, took interest into this unique commentary on pop culture during the transition of aspects like the end of the Reagan era, and the globalization of pop culture through vehicles such as MTV.

Wink, Goldman, and Stanton eventually developed into a light and percussion based-show married with physical comedy that cropped up and unified crowds through small performances in lower Manhattan. Eventually, the show exploded into a global phenomenon that is ever continuing to grow and unite.

Earlier this year, theatrical powerhouse, Cirque du Soleil, acquired Blue Man Productions. Executives at Cirque stated that the buy considerably widens the Cirque audience pool worldwide. The blue men don’t speak, they rely on subtle nuances to communicate, and can relate to a vast array of spectators. Blue Man Group is an icon with a solid fandom.

Photo @bluemangroup Instagram

About The Blue Man Live At Luxor

Hearing about the Blue Man Group, does not compare to being a member of the live audience, however. In some ways seeing the show is exactly as to be expected. There they were in their blue flesh. The noises seemed familiar, from seeing promotional bits over the years.

In other ways, there is very little that you can prepare you for a spectacle like this. Shortly after we were seated, I felt the eyes of one of the blue men on stage tracking us. I was drawn in, and naturally, shortly after we were called upon to participate in one of the vignettes. Saliva-covered balls were deposited into my guest’s hand, and nonverbally he was encouraged to pitch them into the open mouth of another Blue Man.

The show is an emotional roller coaster. It’s rudimentary, and the characteristics of the masked men are childlike. The simple sense of eye contact, maybe more prominent for communication even 26 years ago is often lost in the sensory driven environments within the casino or otherwise in our busy lives. The show is not devoid of the attention-grabbing theatrics, but the Blue Man Group ultimately makes you think, like a piece of performance art. We left analyzing and critiquing and comparing to ironically, Cirque du Soleil. The thought-provoking, internal exploration is what experiencing the Blue Man Group does best however.

3 Reasons Everyone Should See The Blue Man Group

Photo @bluemangroup Instagram

1. The Instruments.

The instruments are unconventional and technically innovate. Based primarily on drums and tube instruments, it’s easy to overlook how creative these musical devices are. One of the most iconic images is of the Blue Men “playing” buckets of brightly colored paint as it splashes everywhere. Also, ornate, elaborate PVC pipe creations are not only beautiful but allow for a use and relationship between the character and his instrument that is intricate.

2. Commentary On Culture

The Blue Man, as a character, is always learning. On stage, he’s figuring something out, or tilting his head to observe the audience or exploring technology. If you attend the show with little expectations, you might surprise yourself at the emotions the simple blue men are able to create within.

To understand the Blue Man relies on your and their nonverbal communication because they exist fundamentally to tell a story.

The show is a combination of art, music, comedy, and technology. From the audience, experiencing the show is best described as one of passive participation. Percussion based, the energy level of the theater rarely drops, lest the moment require intense focus. The clever pauses in action are part of what denotes The Blue Man as a carefully crafted experience.

3. To Be Inspired

Each Blue Man is an individually crafted character. There is no such thing as a role, in this show. The Blue Men are real people, as the first live shows were intended to be. The men chosen are selected for their individual characteristics. Not all are trained percussionist, but they all learn how to work together. The dynamic of the trio relies heavily on the ability of each Blue Man’s (the actor beneath the garb) innate characteristics. The Blue Men don’t speak. Universally understood, and able to be repeated worldwide, it doesn’t matter where the audience is from.

The best part of the creation of the Blue Man Group though is that it was born out of the heart. Three friends assumed these characters because they wanted to, and felt passionate then they discovered that they stimulated others. It’s real. It’s a show that was never meant to be a show and some ways it shows. However, there’s an honesty here, and a desire to keep moving forward and because of that, there is nothing else in Las Vegas that compares to the Blue Man Group.


Despite the inexplicable, ill-attempted explanation by those that have seen the Blue Man Group, seeing the show is essentially a rite of passage.

The show is constantly evolving, with the integration fresh stories and technology. The lasting image of The Blue Man is one that is both timeless and futuristic. If you think about it (which is ultimately what the show provokes, a lot of thoughts), this androgynous character devoid of individuality and speech relies on intuition and adaptation. For an hour and a half, they flail and use high levels of energy to take you on some journey. Likely upon exiting the theater, the mind is moving in all sorts of directions.

The biggest takeaway for us was looking to the strangers next to us and witnessing the acute attention they were giving to this performance. This audience was participating, enthralled and simply happy. The Blue Man Group is here to stay. It is hard to explain the feeling that the Blue Men give to you; you have to go on the journey for yourself.


For tickets and times, to the Blue Man Group, check with the box office at (800) BLUEMAN. We’d love your feedback if you’ve seen the show. Your comments are welcome in the thread below!

Note: We’d like to thank Blue Man Group Las Vegas for having us as their guests. The opinions above are unbiased and completely our own and we would never drive you towards a destination we would not personally approve of.

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